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The programme for next week & beyond...

Please note that this programme has an open invitation to all members of the Explorer Scout section please contact us for further information on each event.







 Independance Night

 Mallory + George

 1st Nch HQ

 It is Independance Day in America, what does that mean for us?


 Water Fight


 1st Nch HQ

 Water, it is wet. And we are starting a fight with it.


 Water Activities


 1st Norwich HQ

 Our final night of the term, making use of the daylight and going on the river


 Film making night


 1st Nch HQ

 The first of a series of nights creating amazing films for the SNEFTA awards


 Gym night

 Alex H

 1st Nch HQ

 Tonight we are meeting Gym


 Film making night


 1st Nch HQ

 Preparing for the 2nd SNEFTA awards


 Film making night


 1st Nch HQ

 The final film making night




 1st Nch HQ

 An assault course and a go -kart...what fun!


 Chis Shop Survey

 Alex W


 Who makes the best chips? Explorers decide.


 Cake and Games


 1st Nch HQ

 Immy has a birthday today. There will be cake, and games, and fun





 The first GTS challenge if the year. Who will win the Golden Toilet Seat this time?




 1st Nch HQ

 A fire for bonfire night (almost)


 Movie Night


 1st Norwich HQ

 A relaxing night watching a film




 Cringleford Scout HQ

 The SNEFTA’s are back for a second year, will our Explorers win any awards?


 French Toast


 1st Norwich HQ

 I think this will include eating lots of slightly sweet eggy bread.


 International Ninja Day


 1st Norwich HQ

 A night of being stealthy, sneaky, and hiding around the HQ




 Riverside, Norwich

 A night of bouncing on trampolines


 Halloween Night


 1st Norwich HQ

 Buying up lots of Halloween sweets and having a party

Other Dates



 County Scouts

 Two Mile Bottom

 24hours of non-stop activities

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