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The programme for next week & beyond...

Please note that this programme has an open invitation to all members of the Explorer Scout section please contact us for further information on each event.







 International Night


 1st Nch HQ





 1st Nch HQ

 The first night of the year on the river! :-)




 1st Nch HQ

 A fun games night




 1st Nch HQ

 Will they float, will they stay together, will we get wet?




 1st Nch HQ





 1st Nch HQ

 Like the Olympics, just...smaller!




 Norwich City

 Golden Toilet Seat Challenge hosted by EMU


 Program Planning, Values, Unit Forum


 1st Nch HQ

 An evening sorting out next term, and the future of the unit


 Beach BBQ



 Details to follow on OSM

Other Dates


 Water Activities Weekend


 Decoy Broad

 After 2 years of no water activities weekends, the Norfolk Scout Canoe Team are excited to announce the return of the legendary Water Activities Weekend


 Summer Camp

 1st Norwich

 Drum Hill Campsite

 Camping for a week in Derbshire with 1st Norwich Scouts

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